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On the Underground
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Welcome to the JKLM Games Demonstration System. This system allows you to try out new JKLM Boardgames before they are released. The system consists of an application which you download, which connects to our dedicated games server. There you can play games against other players.

The system currently supports four games. Phoenicia was released at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham in June 2007. On the Underground was released at the Essen Games Fair in 2006. Tulipmania and Huang Di will both be released in early 2009.

If you haven't already played these games, an overview of the rules can be found on this site - see the links on the left. These provide enough information to get you started - the game will then provide information as needed as you play the game.

To download the application, click here. Once the application has been downloaded, you'll need to install it, run it, register an account on our server, and then you're ready to play. It doesn't cost anything to set up an account and play games before they are released, or for a while after it is released. There will always be some games which are available for free play.

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